Commercial Ozone Generator Machine Industrial Pro Air Purifier Ionizer Ozonator

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Models: 5000mg/h


color: Silver-5000mg/h


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Large Ozone Output Volume
Here we have more choices of the ozone output volumes for you as 5,000mg/h; 10,000mg/h; 20,000mg/h; 32,000mg/h, a huge amount of fresh air that is perfect for deodorizing and eliminating stubborn odors of the space. Meanwhile, Boshen is an authorized brand you can reliable.

Place this Ozone Generator in an enclosed space.
Don't touch the metal shell after the machine is connected to the power supply.
Start the timing switch, it is generally recommended to set for 10-25 minutes.
After the working time of the machine is completed, the power supply will be cut off automatically, the machine will stop working, and the cooling fan and ozone generator in the equipment will also stop working at the same time.
People can enter the room only after the machine has been shut down for 30-40 minutes.

Working Principle

Unlike other air purifiers, ozone generator works like this: Ozone has three oxygen atoms, rather than two oxygen atoms in the air we breathe, the unstable extra oxygen atom can detach;
When it meet bacteria and harmful chemical substances (such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia) will immediately produce oxidation reaction, thereby achieving functions of sterilization and disinfection.

Two Colors Available

We have one original stainless steel color and another is painted in blue to choose from. Please choose the modes you prefer!

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